Author Topic: Changelog 27.03.2020  (Read 668 times)


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Changelog 27.03.2020
« on: March 27, 2020, 05:09:35 PM »
Changelog 27.03.2020

- Olympiad games duration per day 5 hours, was 6
- Validation period starts 01.30 server time
- chat ban, now player will be able to use clan, party channels
- Olympiad manager will not longer choose players from same clan or ally
- Players will now have 1 day penalty before join new clan
- From now and on players who feed in oly, will get punished by removing all points from their character. If no gm online, we accept proofs on facebook-forum.
- Shadow Step Delay decreased
- Now need at least 4 ppl to start oly games
- Fixed blink-wasp sometimes not working
- Events now will send dialog message to all players if they want to join or not
- All hero weapons will now return to +13
- Hard zone small boost in drops 8-12, was 5-8
- Hex, Wound, Real target now can stay for 10 seconds
- Frenzy And Zealot will have same reuse delay
- New Interface is available for downloading in our website
- Oly Time Changed from 20.00 - 1.00 server time

+working on new datacenters

if you have critical errors go to this link ->
if you have latency erros go to this link ->

We work hard to make your experience better and better, please respect that, vote for server, help new people, and be patient if you find anything wrong we will always here to fix it asap.